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Vorgaben PSA Closed Satellite Events

Vorgaben PSA Closed Satellite Events

Montag, 30 November 2009 17:47

Richtlinien PSA

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Seit dem Jahr 2007 wird bei den Herren auch um Weltranglistenpunkte gekämpft. Um diesen PSA-Status zu erhalten gibt es einige Vorgaben vom Weltverband für die Teilnehmer und den Turnierausrichter. Eine Übersicht der der Bedingungen findet Ihr in dieser Richtlinie.

PSA Closed Satellite Events 2010

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Before registering your event you are advised to make sure you fully understand the conditions for registering. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the PSA Office for clarification. Also you will need to refer to the latest version of the PSA Tour Guide.

Which events are eligible for Closed Satellite status?

  • A tournament or series of tournaments whose entry is restricted to members of an Association that recognises the tournament. Such an Association must be a National Squash Association or any other Association that has applied for and been recognised as in good standing by the PSA.
  • No age group events are eligible for Closed Satellite status.
  • National Closed Championship; PSA will accept registration of a country’s National Closed Championship as a Closed Satellite event. The entry into the event must be open to any citizen or resident of the country, as allowed by the National Association rules.

Who can play in Closed Satellite events?

  1. PSA events are open to Male players only.
  2. A PSA member can play as many Closed Satellite events as he wishes as long he is also a member of the Association that is recognising the event. However only his best 5 results in a 52 week rolling period will count towards his world ranking. These points can only be claimed for in ONE COUNTRY in the 52 week period. This does not include a National Closed Championship.

How do I register my event?

  1. Registration fee is £100.00 (GBP) for any event that registers after 1st December 2009.
  2. Payment is made through the Bank or by credit card.
  3. A letter of support from the National Squash Association or other PSA recognised Association must accompany the registration form.
  4. The completed registration form and fees must be with the PSA OFFICE, at least ONE MONTH before the event commences. NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  5. Once PSA has completed registration process the event will then be placed on the PSA website calendar.

How many ranking points are on offer for Closed Satellite events?

Schedule of points:

Schedule of points

What are the tournament conditions?

Prize Money

  1. Between 1st January-30 June 2010 events must offer minimum $500usd.
  2. After 1st July 2010 events must offer minimum $1000usd.
  3. The event can determine how they wish to pay out this prize money. However, they must inform the PSA and all entrants on how the prize money is to be distributed.
  4. No PSA player levy is required to be deducted from PSA members prize money.


  1. The minimum size draw is 16, no less, it must be a complete draw and it has to be run over at least 2 days.
  2. The random draw method to be used when making the draw; see PSA Tour Guide Section 5.2.4 Making the draw.
  3. When seeding the draw, the organiser must use the latest PSA ranking; PSA website
  4. In special circumstances, a dispensation on the above may be granted, on written request, to allow the National Ranking to be used for lower sections of the draw. Lower sections are in 16 man draw seeds 5/8; in a 32man draw seeds 9/16.
  5. The tournament format must be knock-out.

Tournament Commitment

  1. The Tournament organiser should provide all entrants with details of the tournament, this to include tournament rules & regulations and prize money breakdown before the entry closing date.
  2. All courts floors MUST BE UNCOATED; see PSA Tour Guide Section 4.1.3 for conditions.
  3. The playboard (tin) can either be 43cm (17 inches) or 48cm (19 inches). The height of the tin must be the same for all matches throughout the tournament.
  4. Scoring Tournaments must use PAR to 11.
  5. Balls Events must use the Dunlop Pro Squash ball. This ball is the exclusive ball of the PSA World Tour. The PSA can provide an event with a minimum of three (3) dozen balls for a 16 man draw; five (5) dozen for a 32 man draw. If the event wishes to receive these balls directly via PSA, from Dunlop, it will have to pay £30 towards postage and packaging, and this needs to be indicated on the registration form. If a Promoter is running more than one PSA Closed Satellite event and registers them all at the same time, then arrangements can be made for the Promoter to receive one delivery of balls to cover the number of events registered. The PSA will only make one postage charge of £30 (GBP) per delivery.
  6. Media; Television, Video & Internet Please see Section 4.3 PSA Tour Guide.
  7. Results Full results with game scores, must be forwarded to PSA, by either fax or email, within 24 hours of the completion of the tournament.

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